ZBSF series steam solenoid valve used in Huayi coloring and drying equipment

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ZBSF series steam solenoid valve in Huayi coloring and drying equipment Structural features of steam solenoid valve:

1. This valve is a pilot-operated solenoid valve with two openings, which is composed of a secondary valve and a main valve.

2. Heat resistance: special high temperature resistant electrical materials and sealing materials are used for electromagnetic parts and sealing parts, and various heat insulation measures are applied.

3. Wear resistance: reasonable selection of materials, the valve cup and guide sleeve cleverly use the lubrication effect of fluid to reduce wear and increase life.

4. Condensation resistance: The condensate of the steam pipe is an important factor affecting the action of the steam solenoid valve, and this valve is not affected by the condensate.

5. The use of metal hard seal improves the product's service temperature and service life.

6. The selection of materials is reasonable, and the valve cup and guide sleeve cleverly use the lubricating effect of fluid to reduce wear.

The application of ZBSF series steam solenoid valve in Huayi coloring and drying equipment, above:


The steam solenoid valve is favored by major manufacturers, such as Huayi Coloring, because of its rapid response, high frequency, and durability.

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