Announcement on Reminding Consumers to Beware of Counterfeiting Juliang Group Products

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With the increase in the popularity of Juliang products and the increase in market share, in recent years, our company has received many customer complaints, reflecting that there are merchants in the market suspected of selling valve products illegally using the "Juliang" trademark, and through door-to-door sales, Sell through various channels such as Internet, impersonating dealers, and OEM. Our company has entrusted a lawyer to deal with this situation and will pursue the legal responsibility of the infringer. In order to prevent customers and consumers from being deceived and causing economic losses, our company now announces the suspected counterfeiting of relevant businesses. If consumers are in doubt about the authenticity of the products they have purchased, they can call our company's telephone number +86 021-6556-6666 to confirm.

Some of the counterfeit products suspected of illegal use of "Juliang" and their characteristics are now announced as follows:


1. Juliang adopts the direct sales model. All products are shipped directly from the Shanghai production base. It has not set up any offices elsewhere or authorized any distributors. If there are similar institutions, it is purely counterfeit.

2. Shanghai Juliang Company is currently composed of two manufacturing enterprises, Shanghai Juliang Solenoid Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Juliang Automatic Control Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd. The others are similar to "Guangzhou Juliang Valve Co., Ltd." and "Shanghai Juliang Valve Co., Ltd." Or "Shanghai Juliang Company" is a counterfeit company, customers can distinguish from the product nameplate:

Counterfeit nameplate:

In order to protect the legal rights and interests of our customers and consumers, please pay attention to the identification of genuine products and pay attention to the identification. Our company has also established a special team to protect the legal rights of customers, consumers and our company with legal weapons. Customers and consumers are now invited to report or provide clues about counterfeit products to our company. We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to customers and consumers who provide clues or assistance to our company!

Thanks to our customers and consumers for their long-term attention and support!