We assists the LEPAI Cup equestrian competition, allowing comfort and sports

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We assists the LEPAI Cup equestrian competition, allowing comfort and sports On November 8-9, 2014, the "Fifteenth Games "LEPAI Cup" Youth Equestrian Competition" sponsored by Shanghai Juliang Valve Group Co., Ltd. appeared in LEPAI Equestrian Club. This competition is Shanghai Juliang Valve Group as the only designated supplier of regulating and controlling valves, the group provides a strong guarantee for the comfortable environment on site. The so-called good horse must be equipped with a good saddle. Such a tall competition is a perfect match for Shanghai Juliang Valve Group, a well-known company in the valve industry. As a well-known enterprise in China's valve industry, Shanghai Juliang Valve Group has been constantly surpassing itself, creating its own brand, leading the development of the market with pioneering innovative products, and successfully achieving international integration. Every national invention patent, every innovative product, overseas merchants and domestic customers every few days, all demonstrate its extraordinary achievements in corporate hard power and soft power.

We sponsored the "Le Pait Cup" equestrian competition, which is a perfect combination of noble sport and comfortable environment. The equestrian sport has inherited a century of culture and tradition. As a gentleman sport, it conveys elegant gentleman style and noble temperament in the perfect cooperation between man and horse. At the same time, as a sport, it has great demands on the environment during activities, and comfort and safety have become an indispensable part of the game. As for this event, in the water supply and drainage system of the racecourse, the electric ball valve and electric butterfly valve of Shanghai Julian Valve Group are the only official designated to ensure the clean and comfortable space of the racecourse, which can be described as quality and noble.


The electric butterfly valve and electric ball valve produced by Shanghai Juliang Valve Group have undergone 11 years of innovative research and development. Because of their small size, light weight and low cost, reliable performance, simple matching, large flow capacity, the valve body channel and connecting pipe diameter are equal and have the same diameter. Can flow through almost without loss; occupy a leading position in the Chinese valve industry. Shanghai Juliang Valve Group has successively applied for a number of patents and qualification certifications at home and abroad. Shanghai Baosteel, PetroChina, Tongfang Co., Ltd., Emperor Solar and other well-known companies have long designated our valve as the sole supplier of products.


Experience the dignity and fashion of equestrian sports in your life, and experience the combination of art and soul brought by equestrian sports in continuous practice. Shanghai Juliang Valve Group escorts a comfortable and healthy space, allowing comfort and sports to go with you.