The development of vacuum solenoid valve encounters bottlenecks, and transformation and upgrading are challenged

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The development of vacuum solenoid valve encounters bottlenecks, and transformation and upgrading are challenged Vacuum solenoid valve products are more and more widely used, but with the development of the industry for many years, vacuum solenoid valves have gradually exposed many problems and development bottlenecks have appeared. It can be said that enterprises achieve breakthroughs in quality and efficiency and jointly create a good industry development environment. The road of enterprise transformation has become an inevitable development and also a challenge for current development.


Vacuum solenoid valve products are special valves installed on mechanical vacuum pumps. They have strict indicators for production technology and product quality. If you want to truly meet customer demand for products, you must focus on innovation in production processes. In the process of development and production, enterprises should be good at analyzing their own problems and finding their own shortcomings and shortcomings. Only by actively finding good solutions can we make adequate preparations for the long-term development of the enterprise.

At present, solenoid valve industry continues to grow and become stronger in our country. It has changed from relying on imports in the initial period to being able to rely on independent research and development to be self-sufficient. The performance of solenoid valve companies has been increasing year by year and embarked on a healthy road of sound development. Take Shanghai Juliang Valve Industry, a high-end control valve manufacturer in China, as an example. After nearly 20 years of development and reform,we has continuously adjusted its product structure and increased its independent innovation and research and development efforts. In the ever-changing market development environment, we has already embarked on a road of high-end solenoid valve development. The products produced have not only been recognized by the market, but also maintained their own advantages under the vicious competition environment of the "price war" in the market, stepped out of the quagmire of the vicious competition of the "price war", and maintained a good momentum of development. .


Even so, we must also realize that enterprise innovation and product quality are still the key to competition between different enterprises. Vacuum solenoid valve is an industrial equipment, which has strict requirements on the ease of use, stability and precision of the product. Grasping quality and maintaining innovation are still the fundamental driving force for the continuous development of the company. The market environment is constantly changing, technology is constantly innovating, and new materials and new processes are constantly emerging. Under the development trend of the industry, how to break through the solid thinking of original production, break the bottleneck of enterprise development, keep up with the pace of development of the times, and become the current industry encounter Challenge.

Regarding the development challenges in the new era, Shanghai Juliang Valve Industry has always faced with a positive and optimistic attitude. On the one hand, the domestic development and investment environment is getting better and better, and the investment in infrastructure construction continues to increase, indicating the continuous growth and development opportunities of the solenoid valve industry. On the other hand, we must continue to innovate, enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise, and at the same time always be market-oriented and customer-oriented, and produce high-quality products is the foundation of enterprise development.


The vacuum solenoid valve industry has opportunities and challenges, and the road to development is arduous. With continuous efforts, domestic solenoid valve products will surely break through the bottleneck and become the pride of Chinese manufacturing.