Famous pneumatic control valve manufacturers preferred Juliang Valve Group

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Well-known pneumatic control valve manufacturers first choose Juliang Valve Group. Well-known as pneumatic control valve manufacturers prefer us, a leading brand in China's valve industry.

Shanghai Juliang Valve Industry is a well-known domestic high-end control valve manufacturer and a national high-tech enterprise. Juliang brand has nearly 20 years of professional valve development and manufacturing experience. It is one of the most important and largest suppliers of pneumatic valves, solenoid valves, electric valves, regulating valves, angle seat valves and other explosion-proof solenoid valves in the country.

With years of experience in production, R&D and management, Juliang Valve has continuously developed and innovated, and introduced world-leading experience and technology from the United States, Germany, Japan, etc., through continuous absorption, reference and improvement of the product line, it has formed a core knowledge of independent High-end products with property rights. Juliang Valve Industry has strong technical force, sophisticated manufacturing equipment, and a large number of high-quality R&D and production teams. In the process of serving customers, the professionalism and dedication embodied by Julian people not only guarantees the quality and service system, but also makes Julian a powerful and competitive valve in the valve and actuator manufacturing industry. supplier.

Pneumatic Valve Series Introduction

The pneumatic ball valve series produced by Juliang Valve Group is an important actuator in the industrial automation control system. It can be controlled remotely to meet the needs of computer program control. It is used in petrochemical, gas equipment, nuclear industry, electric power, water treatment, HVAC, It has been widely used in metallurgical chemical industry, food machinery, textile chemical industry and other industries, and it is also the first choice for national defense construction and scientific and technological construction.


Take Juliang JL600 series pneumatic ball valve as an example, product design features:

(1) Quick response, good circulation, good quality, small opening and closing torque, long life

(2) European Communist Party hardcover, superb technology, reliable sealing, wide application, substitute for imports

(3) Ball valve high platform structure, ISO5211 connection standard, more professional and convenient installation

(4) Two-way sealing, arbitrary flow direction of the medium, automatic compensation, automatic cleaning, suitable for suspensions of fibers and tiny particles and viscous media.