High - end solenoid valve rapid development, innovation is the first productivity

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Technology is the primary productive force. This sentence reflects the effect of an enterprise's innovation on its development. This is also true in the solenoid valve industry with strong market demand. my country's solenoid valve industry started relatively late and basically relied on imports before the 1990s. In the late 1990s, Chinese solenoid valve manufacturers began to introduce advanced foreign technology, and improved their own innovation and manufacturing capabilities, so that the Chinese solenoid valve industry embarked on a path of independent innovation and self-sufficiency. As a representative enterprise of high-end solenoid valve, Shanghai Julian Valve Industry's rapid development and rise also represents a microcosm of solenoid valve industry.

Shanghai Juliang Valve Group is a well-known domestic high-end control valve manufacturer and a national high-tech enterprise. After 20 years of technology precipitation and accumulation, Julian Valve Industry has grown into an enterprise with its own core technology, independent research and development, and continuous innovation. , Embarked on a road of "intelligent" manufacturing of high-end solenoid valves.


The predecessor of Shanghai Juliang Valve Industry is Shanghai Zhenliang Valve Factory, and its development time can be traced back to 1996. Since then, it has been producing self-control valves. In 2003, the company began to carry out equity restructuring and changed its name to Shanghai Julian Solenoid Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd. At the beginning of the name change, Juliang Valve Industry was determined to create a first-class control valve Chinese enterprise through its own continuous innovation and research and development, change China dependence on imports, and provide high-quality high-end products for all walks of life in China, while also serving the society. Contribute to progress.

In the process of development, on the one hand, Julian has continuously invested in R&D resources and established a research and development center to create products with its own intellectual property rights and core competitiveness; on the other hand, Julian Valve has begun to introduce advanced Western solenoid valve production technology and technology. Strengthen technical exchanges and strategic cooperation with advanced countries, absorb the essence to remove dross, and complete the development and production of a series of cutting-edge control valve products. Up to now, Juliang Valve Industry has successively obtained ISO9001 certification, national high-tech enterprise, national special equipment manufacturing license certification, etc., and the current chemical plant of 20,000 square meters in Songjiang District, Shanghai, China  has been approved by the government and put into operation. With years of technology precipitation and innovation, Shanghai Julian Valve Industry has become a representative of domestic high-end control valve manufacturers.

In recent years, the products produced by Juliang Valve Industry have been widely used in many key large-scale projects across the country, including China South Locomotive, China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation, China Aerospace Science and Technology, and Shuangliang Co., Ltd., and have established established relationships with many key enterprises and engineering projects across the country. Good working relations. Juliang Valve Industry's products are not only spread all over the country, but also exported to overseas markets, embarking on an international development route.


Today, with fierce competition in the solenoid valve industry and overcapacity of low-end solenoid valves in China, Juliant Valve Industry has embarked on a road of high-end brand development relying on independent research and development and innovation. Julian's mission is to polish products wholeheartedly and make contributions to society while pursuing the material and spiritual happiness of Julian partners. Market competition allows social resources to be well allocated, while continuous R&D and innovation push enterprises to go further. Seizing market opportunities, meeting market challenges, and creating its own brand, Juliang Valve Industry will become better and better.