How to choose solenoid valve, there are 3 main factors

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As a kind of industrial automation control instrument, solenoid valve is more and more widely used with the development of industry. Many people do not know how to choose and distinguish when buying solenoid valves, which will be very troublesome. Solenoid valve is a kind of industrial product with strong practicability, with great ductility, and there are many product models and technical indicators of solenoid valve. When buying, you can look for the following three indicators to obtain a solenoid valve product with good performance.

Serious enterprise product production qualification

Selecting solenoid valve products and identifying the company’s product production qualification is the first step. Solenoid valves are national special equipment. The relevant technical specifications and production qualifications of the company are strictly controlled by the state. Only by obtaining relevant qualified certificates issued by the state can you fundamentally protect your legal rights and avoid buying counterfeit products that do not meet industrial needs. The product.

Companies engaged in solenoid valve manufacturing must have the following production qualifications: explosion-proof product certification, special equipment manufacturing license, national industrial production license, American UL certification, EU CE certification, ISO9001 national quality management system certification. The first step in the selection is to distinguish those small workshops that do not meet the production qualifications, and there is a certain guarantee in product quality.

Investigate the company R & D strength

Solenoid valves are industrial automation precision instruments. The use and working environment of the products are more complicated. Naturally, an excellent product research and development team is indispensable in product research and development and design with good intentions and an attitude of excellence.

The core of modern enterprise competitiveness is the enterprise's self-service R&D and innovation ability. The development of science and technology has made the product update cycle shorter and shorter, and the product quality has become more and more stable. The enterprise's R&D strength considers the company's pursuit of products. The technology of solenoid valve equipment is constantly being updated. As it becomes more and more widely used in industry, solenoid valve products also have higher requirements in terms of precision, applicability, reliability and service life. Investigating the R&D strength of the company, solenoid valve manufacturers with strong R&D capabilities are more secure in their products.

Look at the application of the product in large projects

The so-called "practice brings true knowledge", the products produced by enterprises must withstand the test of the market and be able to play a role in large-scale industrial projects. Therefore, when selecting products, you can understand from the side which large-scale industrial projects the company's products have done.

The application field of solenoid valve is very wide, including food machinery, petrochemical industry, biological pharmacy, military industry and national defense, etc. It can be seen the importance of solenoid valve products in industrial production. Therefore, if the solenoid valve manufacturer's products are used in many large-scale projects, it will inevitably prove the product's stability and reliability, and can withstand actual inspections.

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