Routine maintenance of steam solenoid valve

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After installation, the steam solenoid valve needs to pass in the medium for several experiments, and it can be put into formal use after confirming that it is normal.

Clean the dirt on the inside and outside of the large valve and the suction surface regularly, taking care not to damage the sealing surface.

When the steam solenoid valve is not used for a long time, the manual valve in front of the valve should be closed. When it is restarted, the steam solenoid valve should drain the condensed water, and perform trial actions several times, and then put it into use after the switch is normal.

When the steam solenoid valve is removed from the pipeline and not in use, the internal parts should be cleaned and blown with compressed air for storage.

When using for a long time, if the seal between the piston and the valve seat is not good, the sealing surface of the piston can be ground again and then ground with the valve seat.

When working, pay attention to the pressure gauges before and after the valve. The working pressure must not exceed the rated pressure, and the working pressure difference must be within the rated pressure difference range. When the working pressure exceeds the rated pressure or the working pressure difference exceeds the rated pressure difference, the steam solenoid valve should be stopped, and the front and rear manual valves should be closed to avoid explosion and leakage of the steam solenoid valve.