How to select electric regulating valve diameter

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The flow characteristics of the electric control valve directly affect the control quality and stability of the system, so it needs to be selected correctly.


When the electric regulating valve is actually used, the regulating valve is always installed in the process piping system, and the pressure difference before and after the electric regulating valve changes with the resistance of the piping system. Therefore, when selecting the flow characteristics of the regulating valve, not only should it be based on the process characteristics, but also the piping of the system should be considered.

An environmental protection company in Nantong, Jiangsu Province purchased a batch of regulating valves in 2014. According to the feedback from the on-site personnel, our regulating valves were not able to regulate. The company sent technicians to the site to check the reasons. Later, we found out after communicating with the on-site technicians. When purchasing, the purchaser only provided the caliber and did not provide the relevant data. The selected path was too large and could not be adjusted. This problem can only be returned to the factory for internal hole reduction, which will delay the user's working conditions. It also increases the cost of use, so when purchasing a control valve, you must not only provide the caliber because you don’t know the parameters. You must ask about some of the requirements of the on-site user (such as flow range, pressure before the valve, pressure after the valve, and flow Media, etc.) to avoid unnecessary losses.