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position Recruiting Department Quota Academic requirements release time
Executive driver Sales Severa College degree or above 2018.11.15

【job requirements】:

1.Responsible for the company's administrative vehicle driving and related matters。

2.Holder of class B driving license or above

3.Has driven experience actually for several years, familiar with city route of pearl, there is very good security consciousness。

4.No bad living habits (smoking, drinking, gambling, etc.), no record of public security violation, driving experience of company administrative car or nanny car is preferred。

5.Healthy, steady and capable local people. Women are preferred。

6.Need to do six rest one live in Dahua Wanli area, other areas not considered! Five social insurance and one housing fund, social security。

Sales Assistant Sales Severa Technical secondary school or above 2018.11.15

【job requirements】:

1.Technical secondary school or above,1-3 years equivalent or related experience in industrial enterprises, familiar with office automation skills。

2.Work actively and assist the sales manager to deal with documents, archives, statistical data, inquiry, inquiry, etc

3.Participate in sales business, assist manager to coordinate production, transportation, supply and other aspects of weekly rest。

4.Experienced salary can be recommended career development direction for sales staff, salary structure basic salary + commission。

5.Regular working hours, generally do not need to travel and field work, good office environment, convenient transportation。

6.Company welfare is complete five social insurance and one housing fund social security is complete。

clerk Sales Severa College degree or above 2018.11.15

【job requirements】:

1.Daily Office Routine;

2.Responsible for the statistics, sorting and filing of sales documents, customer information, contracts and other documents;

3.Check the delivery record, track the logistics status, collect payment and maintain customer relationship;

4.Those who want to learn and develop in sales business will be given priority; Hard working, serious, have certain language communication ability;

5 Have certain learning ability, can take the initiative to work independently;

6.Women who can start work right away are preferred;

7.Every other week, two days off (i.e., weekday, two days off, one week off)。

8.The company provides a career development platform, not to meet the administrative affairs work, the intention in the direction of sales business development can be considered!

9.Five social insurance and one housing fund has complete social security, convenient transportation and regular working hours。